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Every movement in the CrossFit method is geared towards helping you function better in day to day life, whether you're looking for high level sports performance or just to relieve your aches and pains.

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CFC Academy

The Academy is our answer to, "But I've never done this before!" Over the one month program you will learn all the basic movements you need to workout with us safely and effectively, in a fun group class environment.

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CrossFit KIDS

CrossFit Kids is a fitness program specifically designed for kids, helping them cultivate a lifelong love of fitness. They participate in fun, engaging workouts that promote well-rounded athleticism.

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Fitness Kickboxing

Take one part functional movements like squats and push-ups, plus two parts high-energy striking, kicks, & cardio, and you get the Fitness Kickboxing Program at CFC.

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Personal Training

CFC Personal Training is a 1-on-1 fitness option that helps you get the most benefit from your workouts and diet. We make the plan, you see the results.

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Workday Fast-burn 30

Join us at noon Monday-Friday for a 30-min lunch break workout that hits hard, fast, and leaves you pumped up for the rest of your day.

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What Our Members Are Saying...

  • I must say I LOVE crossfit catonsville! Not only do I love doing crossfit, Chris is awesome! I look forward to working out! He keeps me motivated and focused! If you haven't tried it... you really have to!

    Terri F.
  • A great place to workout and everyone is very supportive of you, whether it's you're first time or you're a regular. Regardless of your current physical fitness level the WODs will test you. I recommend this place to any and all.

    Michael L.
  • I love the Tae Kwon Do classes. While I'm getting a workout I'm also learning new, useful self-defense skills, and improving my coordination and mental focus. And, unlike with other martial arts programs, I can still wear my regular workout clothes and good supportive running shoes. I feel really fortunate to have discovered Crossfit Catonsville!

    Kate D.
  • Excellent way to get in your cardio. Everyone in the class is so positive and encouraging. Chris, the instructor will kick your butt, but will also make sure that you are okay in the process. I LOVE it!!

    Diona S.
  • 5 star Catonsville crossfit is a great place to workout!. Love the people. It is not competitive like some other places can be. Everyone encourages one another and wants each other to succeed. Chris has very challenging workouts, but is always encouraging us, which motivates us to push ourselves harder. Each workout is different so you never get bored. Come in for a free intro class and check it out!!

    Tracy B.
  • Just recently into CrossFit - and this was just the environment for it. The workouts are designed to target the individual's fitness and movement efficiency by working you to the core! The friendly environment and killer soundtrack are added bonuses. Chris works hard to ensure a quality training session and gives 110% every day. #overheardatcrossfit - this place is awesome!

    Sri S.
  • What more can I say other than this is an awesome place to work out and even better atmosphere! Chris makes it challenging but not intimidating. He is there for you every step of the way regardless of your skill level. On top of that he makes it interesting by never repeating the same workouts, so you'll never get bored. My girlfriend and I were tired of the same old global gym scene and in pretty poor shape (to put it nicely). Now we never miss going to the box and Chris has somehow gotten us in good enough shape to try our first Savage Race. We highly recommend CrossFit Catonsville!

    Martin W.
  • I've been a member of Crossfit Catonsville since July '14 and I am in LOVE with it! It was my first time trying crossfit and it has been nothing but a fantastic experience :) Everyone is so supportive and encouraging! It's also addicting watching my personal records improve and seeing my body change! Try it out, you won't be disappointed!!

    Abbey L.
  • This is one great place! The people are friendly and the workouts are worth every penny. Each session involves something different that benefits the WHOLE body. Each WOD (Workout Of the Day) has helped me to become a more energetic and stronger individual.

    Dominique B.
  • I absolutely love Crossfit Catonsville. Chris is awesome! He pays personal attention to everyone there. It's not like a regular gym. Everyone there is really nice and welcoming. At first I was extremely hesitant to start doing crossfit, but after my first day there I knew this was the place for me. The WODs are hard, fun, and always different. I have seen great results in a short amount of time. I highly recommend this box to anyone looking for a great workout and great people!

    Mary Kate M.