5 Reasons You Should Be Competing in the CrossFit Open (At Any Level)

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So it’s that time of year again. The CrossFit Games Open begins on February 26th at 5:00 EST. The Open is a world-wide fitness sporting event, judged at the individual athlete level, that allows every single person who can submit a score to compete on the world stage. It is the first crowd-sourced sport in history where anyone of sufficient skill can go from unknown to high level national athlete in a few short months.

And you should be competing in the 2015 Open. Here are five reasons why.

1. It’s What This “Community” Thing is About

CrossFit is built on the community of athletes, from the most accomplished winners of the Games all way to the newest person in your box. The CrossFit Games open is a unique opportunity to take part in the wider community outside your box, outside town, outside your start, and even outside your country. The Open transcends the boundaries of location, language, gender, culture, and most of the things that prevent us from coming together as one huge “tribe”. Much like the Olympics were meant to do, the Open shows us that all humans from all places can accomplish amazing things when we put our mind to it. Unlike the Olympics, the CrossFit Open doesn’t align to national teams or only allow the elite to compete in our biggest tournament of the year. What could possibly build community better than an event without such restrictions?

2. You Are Good Enough

The workouts are going to be hard; we all know that. So what? The Open is your chance to throw yourself into a level of competition where everyone is ranked around the world. Chances are good you won’t be last! Now, the 2015 Games has seen the advent of an entire Scaled division so that even those of us still struggling with our first Muscle-ups can compete against one another in a light-hearted, but passionate way. You may not be Rich Froning or Samantha Briggs, but that doesn’t mean you don’t dominate on burpees! Your skills are your skills and they deserve the chance to flourish, no matter who else is competing alongside you.

3. It’s One of the Best Challenges You Can Undertake

Remember that part where the Open is going to be challenging? This is where that matters. As CrossFitters and athletes, the only way to test our skills and abilities is…to Test Our Skills and Abilities! The Open is a mass method of seeing how we stack up against each other, but even more importantly against ourselves. The challenge of regular classes or your everyday hobbies can fade after months or years spent doing them, but the Open is a way for you to kick your competitive nature into gear – that thing every kid has from birth but most people forget as they age. You can’t grow without challenge, and if you’re not growing, then what’s the point?

4. It Helps You Appreciate The Best of the Best

Have you seen a 300 lbs Clean and Press? It’s insanely impressive and the strength required to move that much weight comes from years spent practicing the movements and adding weight week after week after week. But look at that athlete and then also realize that they have an 8 minute mile, can string together burpees for days, and can move their bodies so well that they make Muscle-ups look easy. The Open, and the Games that follow, showcase the most impressive athletes we have produced in our community. It gives them a time to shine where in another world that didn’t have CrossFit, they might have never been known to more than their family and friends. Competing in the Open and doing the workouts that act as the gatekeeper to our most elite brothers and sisters will give you a unique appreciation for what it takes to each their level. What other sport gives you the chance to compete on the same playing field as the professionals? When you see Jason Khalipa move a 550 lbs Deadlift and see Camille Leblanc-Bazinet put up a 310 lbs Back Squat like it’s nothing, you’ll know what they went through to get there.

5. It’s Fun!

Why do you do a CrossFit class in the first place? Sure, it gets you fit, helps you make friends, challenges you with new things, and leaves yo in a puddle of sweat on the floor, but what does that all equate to? Be honest. It’s fun. Maybe you live for Deadlift day or you’re working towards that one time where you hit 75 Double Unders in a row. Maybe it’s Running, Box Jumps, Pull-ups, or Pistol Squats. Maybe you just like being wrecked and knowing that your body just did more work in an hour than most people do in a week. Whatever the motivation, in the end you’re there because you like it. The CrossFit Games Open is one more facet of the thing we already love – a great workout that shows us how badass we are, and what we need to work on. Add to that the fact that most affiliates have more than one person in-house competing, that you get to come together in your own little tribe and compete both against one another and together, and finally realize that the people around you are thinking that you’re just as badass as you think they are for being crazy enough to try it. Now that is a good day!


So, why haven’t you registered for the Open yet?