5 reasons we love our gym (by CrossFit Catonsville Members)

Recently I asked our members what they like or value about the gym community at CrossFit Catonsville. While their answers were all a little different, a little personal, what I saw was that everyone who answered really fell into five major categories for why they love working out at CFC.

1. I get to meet people I wouldn’t normally meet

Most of us spend our lives interacting with the same types of groups over and over again. People with similar jobs who work in the same office, people with the same hobbies we see on the weekend, family, and direct neighbors. Our members at CFC love that they get to meet people who are very different from them, brought together by the desire to become more fit. From all walks of life, in our gym we find medical staff, stay at home parents, students, military, and a host of other professions that wouldn’t normally end up in the same room together socializing. Because our program works for just about anyone, we all get the unique chance to find new friends in places we never would have looked before.

2. Everyone is welcoming and accepting

And because we’re all so different, maybe that’s why our members find the other people they workout with to be so welcoming every class. With a shared love of burpees and deadlifts (okay, shared tolerance!) and no social stigma attached to being new, everyone who walks in the door can find a home at CFC if it’s what they want.

3. I feel supported for who I am

Not just accepting our differences, we also celebrate them. It doesn’t matter that you’re not an Olympian. We’re going to celebrate your 100 lbs deadlift just as much as we celebrate one of our competitors breaking the state record on a 2000 meter row. Your individual accomplishments are what matter, not how you compare to someone else. We always look at you as a person and your efforts are never invisible.

4. We get to share so much

And yet, we find ourselves sharing so much once we get to know one another.

You have a crazy family, too? Wow, lets grab a drink and talk about the weird stories!

I saw you hit that perfect barbell Snatch last week and I just hit one. High five!

Holy crap, that workout was a killer; are your legs shaking too? High five!

Hey, I saw you wrote a 2016 goal for handstand push-ups, want to practice together?

Whether it’s life choices, accomplishments in the gym, the pain of losing a loved one, or the joy of having your first child, someone you workout with at CFC will be able to share that with you, if you want it.

5. I feel encouraged, like fitness should be fun and not a trudge

Last, but not least, we push one another to be better. If you’re lagging a little on the workout, you can bet your but the friend next to you is going to give you a count down to get you back moving. Encouragement and friendly competition, all under the importance purview of mutual respect, helps all of us be better “us’s” than we were the day before. Every workout is about finding new limits with the support of others doing the same thing. Whatever your capabilities, CFC members will respect and celebrate the effort you put in without ego or rancor. At the end of the day it’s not about how you score compares to someone else, it’s whether or not you are a stronger person than you were yesterday.


Thank you to the wonderful members at CrossFit Catonsville for being the inspiration for this article, for always pushing me to be a better coach & athlete, and remember: Keep on Bein’ Awesome!