CrossFit Catonsville Partners with Game Plan

Exciting news everyone!

After nearly a year of weighing our options, CrossFit Catonsville has decided to go with Game Plan as our nutritional supplement partner. We looked over their offers, researched their ingredients, tested their products on ourselves (no, seriously, Chris and Eric totally Guinea Pigged for this one), and we like what we’ve found so far.

What is it?

Game Plan is a nutritional supplement company offering the classics like Whey Protein (their Vanilla is actually good!), fat burners (Sizzle and Shred), pre/post-workout drinks in a couple flavors, a daily multivitamin pack, protein bars, and (for the guys) a natural testosterone booster. Another nifty offering is a “night out drinking” recovery pack that helps replenish all those lost electrolytes. We really look forward to additional offerings in the future.

The part we really like, though, is their Plan creator. It lets you setup your own monthly Plan that they send out to you automatically BUT you don’t have to commit long term to the same plan (or any plan). No minimum orders, no contract, and you can even see what the CFC coaching staff is using if you’re curious or want to model after our Plans. It’s pretty neat. Think of it as Concierge Supplements, in that you can see what the professionals are doing in case you need some guidance.

How does this benefit you?

Convenience – Easy to order, easy to stop, easy to update

Organization – Simple web interface with your plan and our coaches plans, not to mention coaches from other boxes for you to check out

Discounts – You get 10% off when ordering under the CrossFit Catonsville partnership link.

Shut up and take my money!

But seriously, it’s a good opportunity for those of you who use supplements and want to stay organized with it, save some money, and maybe get a little social by sharing your Game Plan with others.

Share and enjoy!