Farmer’s Market Raffle Winner – 11/10/2013

Thanks to everyone who came out and said “hi” or “what’s that cannon ball with the handle supposed to do?!” at the Catonsville Farmer’s Market this past weekend.

As promised, through science and shenanigans, we have picked a raffle winner…..

Teresa McCoy

Congratulations, you’ve won 5 free CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Catonsville. You can start anytime, just send an email to or call 443-963-9348 to set-up your first class.

Thanks to everyone for putting your name in the raffle. We’ll be back out at the market this coming weekend with another free class raffle AND some contests to win free CFC goodies!

If you’re interested in CrossFit and want to give it a try, get in touch! You’re never too fat, too out of shape, or too inexperienced to try it out. Everyone can do it. And the best part is…

Your first class is always FREE!

As always, thanks for reading!

P.S. – If you have a moment, reply with a quick answer to our One Question Survey: If a gym was built to be Eco-friendly (solar panels, electricity generating exercise machines, etc) would you be More or Less likely to join, or would there be No Change? Assume prices are comparable to other area gyms.