Jumping Rope for fun, profit, and stubbed toes

So after my incline treadmill workout today, we moved on to a mini circuit.  The circuit included: kettlebell swings, kettlebell strict press, squat push press, and jump rope.

Remember when jumping rope used to be fun?  Easy?

“You never realize how much you jiggle until you start jumping rope.” ~my wife.

Jumping rope is awesome cardio.  It’s also a staple of the CrossFit community (the infamous double under) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).   It’s great for agility training and increasing your fast twitch muscle fibers.   And it manages to train muscle groups in both your upper body and lower body.  It’s cheap.  You don’t even need a gym.

So how many calories can I burn jumping rope?  Most fitness sites quote between 10-20 calories a minute.  Or  0.1 calories per jump.  Or jumping rope for 10 minutes equates to the calories you would burn running an 8 minute mile.   Have I sold you yet?

Single under: your basic jump rope move.  You jump & the rope goes under your feet once.

Double under: you jump & and the rope goes under your feet TWICE.

Triple under: yeah you jump and it goes under your feet THRICE.  (You need really cool sunglasses to do this move).

Side Swing: jump roping for the clumsy.  Please note: you won’t burn those calories doing this one.

So for your next WOD: throw in a little jump rope!