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What is Body Recomposition?

The way your body looks is mostly about how much muscle & fat you carry plus how they’re distributed. Lower fat and higher muscle tends to result in a more athletic look and higher performance. Training for Body Recomp is about balancing nutrition, cardio, and resistance work in just the right way.

Body Recomp is possible for everyone, but it takes effort and dedication. Your trainer will provide the building blocks, planning, and accountability, but it’s up to you to put in the work!

Who’s it for?

Anyone who needs to decrease fat and maintain/increase muscle for health or aesthetic reasons. For instance, there is a large population in the United States of pre-diabetic/Type-II diabetic patients that will seriously benefit from this training. On the other hand, someone who is otherwise in “average” health would find it beneficial to train for Body Recomp in order to better balance their mass and upgrade to being in “good” or “athletic” health.

Most people who work with a personal trainer are in this category.

How does it work?

Your trainer helps you establish a Health Baseline based on measurements of body composition (fat, muscle) and fitness using a variety of tests during your first session. They record these and, based on your results, build out a training plan leading to improvement.

Every plan is built from the ground-up to move you closer to your goals. Cardio, strength training, and nutrition are all a part of any plan, but the specifics vary by person to ensure you get the results you want. Your trainer will periodically review your progress and make changes to your plan as needed.

What is Strength & Conditioning (S&C)?

Where Body Recomposition focuses on aesthetics, S&C training focuses entirely on performance in the general domains of fitness.

Who’s it for?

Aspiring, amateur, & professional athletes who want a boost in performance from becoming generally more fit and healthy. “Average” exercisers who want a more structured progressive program.

How does it work?

Individualized programming will help athletes develop general athletic capability in ten areas through a combination of Training and Practice. Training is activity that causes measurable, organic changes to the body such as lifting weights. Practice is activity that causes change to the nervous system, particularly the connection between brain and muscle the allows movement.

– Training improves four areas: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, & Flexibility

– Practice improves four areas: Coordination, Agility, Balance, & Accuracy

– Two areas are a function of both: Power & Speed

Your trainer will evaluate where you fall in each of these categories, and then create a plan to improve them over time. Your specific goals as an athlete will help inform this planning.

What is Fitness Test Prep?

Some organizations – for instance police, military, and fire fighter – require specific physical fitness standards for employment. Others, such as private sector employers, may offer benefits based on employee health as measured by blood tests or fitness tests. In any case, our trainers will build a training plan for you that will help you score highly on your next examination.

Important: our trainers are thorough and very skilled, but we can’t work miracles. Major improvements to your fitness level will take time. Typically we ask for 4+ weeks to help you prepare for your test.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who needs to prep for an upcoming fitness evaluation for any reason. Our trainers have worked with candidates and current members of the United States military, County/State police, and junior organizations for both (e.g. ROTC) to prepare for entrance or yearly fitness assessment.

How does it work?

First, we take you through the evaluation you’re preparing for to get a baseline score.

Second, we compare your results to the minimum requirements to pass the test.

Next, we set a goal of exceeding the minimum requirements by 25%+. We don’t want you just pass; we want you to shine. In addition, many organizations provide benefits for earning higher marks on their tests.

Lastly, we build a training plan to get you from your baseline to exceeding standards (usually 4-12 weeks).

What is Competition & Event Prep?

There are as many ways to compete athletically as there are minutes in the day, and all of them require different skills and abilities. Powerlifters need strength; Sprinters need speed; CrossFit athletes need General Physical Preparedness. Whatever your upcoming event, we can help you make a plan to improve on your strengths, begin mitigating your weaknesses, and build a plan to perform at your best on the day of your event. We work with athletes in both Traditional and Non-Traditional sports.

Note: looking to train as a team? See the “Team Training” tab!

Important: our trainers are thorough and very skilled, but we can’t work miracles. We need to work with you for at least 4 weeks to help you prepare if you need to make major fitness improvements, but improvements to skill/strategy can usually be made in as little as 2 weeks. Generally, the more time we have, the better we can help!

Who’s it for?

Active competitors who are looking for coaching & planning specific to higher performance in a sport competition.

Traditional Sports include … soccer, football, rugby, tennis, etc.

Non-traditional sports include … powerlifting, CrossFit, Grid, obstacle course racing, etc.

This particular training is for those who want to better perform in their specialty. For more general needs, ask us about General Strength & Conditioning.

How does it work?

First, we discuss your specific goals within your sport. Do you need more power? More agility? Better reaction time? Etc.

Second, we evaluate your current training plan. practice schedule, etc. to find where we can assist the most effectively.

Next, we create an initial training plan/schedule that will fit in with your current training and supplement based on your needs.

Lastly, we begin executing the training plan and adjust as needed to continuously provide more precise focus on your goals.

What is Team Training?

Team Training can take a few different forms depending on the goals and duration of the training sessions. For instance, traditional sports teams often don’t have the need for sport-specific training because they’re mentored by a very knowledgeable sport specialist, but in order to help their athletes from all angles their specialist coach will call in our specialists in Strength & Conditioning to supplement their training. This frees up both coaches to focus on their area of expertise, and allows the athletes to develop to their full potential.

Our goal is not to replace your sport-specific coach! We aim to supplement their skilled specialized training with a general fitness program that will improve your overall performance while competing in your sport. The best way for the athlete to compete (and win) is for the coaches to work together, not to compete themselves!

Who’s it for?

Any team can benefit from being more generally strong, agile, powerful, and fit. If you move better, then you perform better in sports. This comes from a combination of physical adaptation to the work we have them complete, as well as a boost in confidence as the athletes become more fit. We keep the team working together to continue fostering a cooperative social environment where each athletes understands the strengths of their fellows, allowing them to become more cohesive on the field/court/etc..

How does it work?

Team training is blocked and billed in 60 minute increments (referred to as sessions, below).

We have two location options for Team Training …

Team Travel: the team travels to sessions at our Catonsville facility on Mellor Ave. We host up to 15 athletes per session, with a minimum billing of 5 athletes per session. Larger teams can be accommodated by splitting them into multiple sessions of similar size.

Coach Travel: the CFC coach will travel to your home training site for the scheduled sessions. The athlete cap is heavily determined by your facilities and how many working athletes it can hold. We assign one CFC coach for every 20 athletes in the training session, so large teams may require multiple sessions, multiple coaches, or both.

For a general S&C program, we typically work with the athletes for two sessions per week for 4-6 weeks, focusing on specific goals during that time frame. We may be able to accommodate other schedules based on your individual needs.

The CFC coach in charge of your team’s S&C training will need to discuss your particular needs, the goals you have for your athletes, and the timeline available for meeting both. We commit to 100% transparency during our meetings; if we don’t think a goal can be met in the time you have, we’ll tell you upfront and suggest other options.

Prices & Packages

Based on your needs we offer several personal training options geared towards Individuals, Small Groups, and Teams.

One session equates to … 60 minutes in the gym with your coach, the planning/prep work required for your specific training, and 1-2 days of supporting homework (if necessary).

Individual (one client per session)
Sessions Cost Expires in… Link to Buy
1 $70 1 month Buy it!
4 $266 1 month Buy it!
8 $504 2 months Buy it!
12 $714 3 months Buy it!
…more… Please contact us for a quote
Small Group (2-4 clients per session)
Sessions Total Cost Cost per Client Expires in… Link to Buy
1 $120 $30-60 1 month Buy it!
4 $456 $29-57 1 month Buy it!
8 $864 $27-54 2 months Buy it!
12 $1,224 $26-51 3 months Buy it!
…more… Please contact us for a quote

Important Small Group Notes

One member of your group must act as primary purchaser for your group. They assume full liability for scheduling, cancellations, and no-show charges.

Each session may be attended by up to 4 participants who are designated by the primary purchaser.

The purchaser may schedule a group session that they themselves do not attend, however they remain responsible for no-shows/cancellations/etc..


Team Training (5+ athletes per session)
Sessions Price per Athlete Total Cost Expires in…
1 $13 $65+ 1 month
4 $12 $240+ 1 month
8 $11 $440+ 2 months
12 $10 $600+ 3 months
…more… Please contact us for a quote

Important Team Training Notes

Price quotes are for 5 athletes training in-house with one CFC Coach per sessionMinimum of 5 athletes. Additional athletes can be added at the Price per Athlete for the number of sessions you are purchasing, with a cap of 15 per session in our facility. Larger groups will be split into multiple sessions.

Our coaches can travel to any training facility in MD or DC. We provide one (1) coach per session per twenty (20) athletes. Per Athlete pricing remains the same; there is no charge for additional coaching staff. Depending on your distance from our facility, you may incur a travel expense charge: 00-30 min (no charge), 31-60 min ($25 per trip), 61-90 min ($75 per trip), > 91 min ($125 per trip). Fees are based on one-way travel time according to standard GPS systems (iPhone, Google Map, etc.).

Full payment is due at the time of purchase and is non-refundable. The buyer determines the number of spots they want per session (e.g. 4 sessions for 10 athletes per session), which sets max attendance per session. Refunds will not be provided if you overestimate your needs (e.g. you buy 10 spots and bring 7 athletes). In the event you have more athletes than are covered in your purchase (e.g. you paid for 7 but want to bring 10), please let us know as soon as possible. If you “buy-up” your session max before the day of the session, each athlete is added at the same cost as the initial purchase. If you “buy-up” when you show up to train, additional athletes cost $14 each.

A representative of the team/sports organization acts as the primary purchaser for team training sessions. They assume full liability for scheduling, cancellations, and no-show charges. If this duty is delegated to anyone else, you must notify CFC in writing with the delegates name, email, and phone number.


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