The Big Official Moving Update

Howdy everyone! We digressed from our Muscle Training Primer to talk about the CrossFit Games, and this week we’re going to digress one more time from that series to talk about the Thing that’s been on everyone’s mind: gym expansion!

Okay, maybe it’s mostly been on my mind, but maybe you’ll be excited in 10 minutes or so.


If you haven’t heard, CrossFit Catonsville is moving to a bigger location. If you have heard, but maybe don’t know details, here’s the skinny, the straight dope, and the word on the street.


Our new location will be 83-85 Mellor Ave, Catonsville, MD 21228. The new space is over 3,300 square feet, all open plan and useful for training, in comparison to our current 1,900 square feet of training space, this will be a huge increase to our available footage. We’ll still have the iconic garage door, but it conveniently opens into the parking lot, allowing us two benefits: easy in/out, and we can show off to passers-by. 😉

Across the parking lot you’ll find tennis courts and usable fields, so expect some “field day” style workouts in your Fall lineup!

The Mellor Shopping Center has many other local businesses, including Cosmic Comix and Peace A Pizza, to name only a few. It’s also in easy walking distance to many great restaurants and other shops.

Also keep in mind that well be near the National Guard Armory, so once the zombies come, we’ll have the fittest people near the weapons. That has to be good. No word if we’ll be allowed to do some Z-Day training runs with the NG personnel, but I’m still hopeful! If you suddenly see a “Z-Prep” class on the schedule you’ll know why.


Our new lease officially begins on September 1st, but the landlord will be doing some renovating and demolition for us during the month of August. The first few weeks in September will be a little weird, since we’ll be getting the new space setup while also hosting classes in the old space.

I am planning the grand reopening for Saturday, October 3rd, which will mark almost exactly our second year anniversary of being open.

Important! We will not be canceling weekday classes during the move period BUT we may need to cancel weekend classes once to allow for two full days to finalize the move. You’ll be getting notifications and warnings when anything has to happen like that.

Awesome! A couple times over those first two weeks (Approx. 9/1 to 9/15), we’re going to try and invite classes over to the new space to see it and workout in the new space as it’s in process. For those of you who were around when we opened the doors two years ago, get ready to harken back to the early days of a half empty gym and remarkably echoing weight drops!


More CrossFit! You need more than that?! 🙂

In all seriousness, our little community has been growing and I think we can grow more. I want to include more of our friends and family in the Catonsville/Halethorpe/Arbutus area, expand our offerings, and grow to become the best CrossFit gym in the state. With more space, we have the opportunity for more equipment, more class times, more class offerings (yoga, etc), and new training options (maybe a Peg Board?). The programs we offer for adults and kids will have the chance to flourish even further than they do now.

The new space is also prominently located in the heart of Catonsville, providing not just more exposure for what we do, but also other amenities for your convenience. Many of our members will see improvements to their commute to and from class (a few of you will be able to walk or bike there), everyone will benefit from having other public businesses nearby (after workout meals or shopping, for instance), and the number of community events that take place right in our own future parking lot are pretty awesome (Frederick Road Fridays!).

Many of our members have begun competing or expressed interest in doing so. Expanded facilities will help us train for that purpose, in addition to the general fitness classes that will still form the backbone of our offerings, in a bigger and better environment. In addition, intra-gym competitions for fun and practice will be possible without disrupting classes. Last but not least, the new space will enable us to host “home game” public CrossFit competitions, inviting the rest of the local CF community into our home for some fun, badass fitness challenges. Anyone else wondering how they’d hold up using our thicker pull-up bars? 🙂

So What’s Next

So there it is. It’s official and in progress. Right now, it’s business as usual, but towards the end of the month you may start to see things getting packed up for the move, or see boxes and gear set aside that we’ll start using once we get over there. If floor mats start to mysteriously evaporate, it’s because we’re testing spacing in the new spot and needed true-sized stuff for it. If all the mats disappear over night, I suspect nargles will be involved.

I’ve had a lot of people volunteer to help already, not even knowing what the plan is. Thank you for everyone who has stepped forward to help make this transition as smooth as possible. If you’d like to help, let me know and I’ll get you added to the list as we get more details worked out. If you can’t or don’t want to help, no problem at all! Knowing that you’ll join us in the new space is enough!

Lastly, if you have any ideas for the new space, let me know! We’re in a planning phase where almost anything is possible, so if you’ve ever had a thought of “you know what would be neat/cool/better…” then share it! The worst case scenario is you cause the Zombie Apocalypse, and compared to that, any other outcome is pretty okay!