WOD – 10/4/2014


Jog 250m
30 Single Under
7 each: pull-up, press, sit-up
60 second holds: Handstand, Bar Support, L-Sit
Movement practice


Met Con:

12 min Circuit
-1 min Toes to Bar
-1 min Double Under
-1 min Snatch (115/95#)

Add-on (Strength):

Back Squat 5×5

Cool Down:


Executive Summary:

Mode: Gymnastics, Monostructural, Weightlifting
Add-on: Weightlifting
Time: Moderate
Reps: Medium
Scheme: Triplet
Priority: Task
Movements: Toes to Bar (G), Double Under (M), Snatch (W)
Add-ons: Back Squat (W)