WOD – 12/30/2014

Warm-up (10-15 min):

-24 Single Under
-24 Double Under
-16 Jumping Jacks
-8 each: Squat, Push-up, Pull-up, Sit-up
-60s Static Holds (varies by day)



Squat 5×5

Met Con:

4 Team Rounds
-Single Under
-Row 250m
-8x Overhead Squat (95/65#)

-Team members move in order of: Single Unders > Row > OHS
-One member rows at a time ; No member may do OHS before rowing
-Any member not rowing or doing OHS must do Single Unders
-Rotate until all members complete 4 rounds of Row + OHS
-Score: Time to completion for all members
[If done as an individual, do 100x Single Unders prior to Rowing each round]

Cool Down: