WOD – 1/8/2015

Warm-up (10-15 min):

-24 Single Under
-24 Double Under
-16 Jumping Jacks
-8 each: Squat, Push-up, Pull-up, Sit-up
-60s Static Holds (varies by day)



Push-up 1RM

Met Con:

6 rounds
-7x Burpee
-8x Push Climb [Sub: Step-out Push-up]
-9x Dip
-10x Double Under

Movement Notes for “Push Climb”
-Find a spot of clear wall and floor
-Enter a push-up position facing the wall, slightly closer than arm’s length away
-Perform a chest-to-floor push-up
-Lift your right hand, place it on the wall and brace, then do the same with your left hand
-Step your right hand back to the floor, then your left hand back to the floor

Cool Down: