WOD – 2/15/2014

WOD – 2/15/2014

2/15/2014 – Challenge Day

“Kettle o’ the Bells”

-5x Kettlebell Press From Floor (per arm)
-5x Two-hand Kettlebell Swing (20/16kg)
-5x Double Kettlebell Clean (16/12kg)
-5x Kettlebell Snatch (16/12kg)
-5x Goblet Squat (20/16kg)
-6x Kettlebell Push & Row (16/12kg)

Movement Tutorial – Kettlebell Push & Row

-Use two kettlebells of the same weight, spaced shoulder width apart on the ground, with the handles parallel to one another.
-Place one hand on each handle and try to step into a push-up position suspended on the kettlebells.
-Adjust your weight and/or the kettlebell positions so you are stable.

-Perform a push-up by lowering the chest below the kettlebell and returning to a top position with locked out elbows.
-At the top of the push, shift your weight so that you are balanced over the Left Hand kettlebell, and row the Right Hand kettlebell up to your shoulder.
-Return the rowed kettlebell to the starting floor location
-Perform another push-up, and row the Left Hand kettlebell to shoulder at the top.
-Continue performing reps, alternating rowing arms so that both sides are worked equally.

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