WOD – 2/5/2014

WOD – 2/5/2014

2/5/2014 – Strength Day

Strength Move: Deadlift
Max Test: Start at [1RM from 2/3/2014] – [40#] and work in 10# increments to 1RM (1 rep per set; 60-90 sec rest between)
Work: 3 reps @ 75% of 1RM for Max Sets (60-90 sec rest between)

4 rounds of…
-5x Clean (135/95#)
-5x Pull-up
-5x Medicine Ball Slams (20#)
-8x Step-out Push-up

Step-out Push-up: Start in a push-up position with hands directly beneath shoulders, body tight. Step your right hand and foot out to the right side so your grip widens by 6-10 inches, perform one push-up, step your right hand/foot back to start position. Repeat left. Alternate reps right to left until total reps are complete; each side counts as 1 rep. Always make sure to work both sides evenly.

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