WOD – 3/15/2014

WOD – 3/15/2014

3/15/2014 – Challenge Day

Ladder (10…1;1)
-Box Jump
-Thruster (95/65#)
-Kettlebell Push Press (20/16kg)

Workout Ladders Defined:

A “Ladder” routine begins at a set number of reps in round 1. In subsequent rounds, the rep count either increases (Ascending Ladder) or decreases (Descending Ladder) by a fixed amount each round. The goal is to complete the ladder as quickly as possible.

The Ladder Definition is written as (10…1;1).
1st # (before “…”): Starting rep count
2nd # (after “…”): Ending rep count count
3rd # (after “;”) : Rep Count Modifier

So we know we are Starting at 10, working down to 1, and will subtract 1 rep each round until we hit the ending rep count.

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