WOD – 6/27/2014

Max Test 2
-2-hand Kettlebell Swing
-Double Under
-Wall Ball Standard

Max Test 5
-Romanian Deadlift
-Kettlebell Push Press
-Standard Snatch
-Back Squat

Max Test 2: Each athlete will have 2 minutes per move to try and hit as many reps as possible. Athletes rotate movements with 1 minute in between.

Max Test 5: Each athlete will have 5 minutes per movement to determine their 1 Rep Max and 3 Rep Max for that movement.

June Challenge WOD – Week 4 (6/23/2014 – 6/28/2014):

-3 sets of 8: Deadlift (85% 1RM)
-3 sets of 8: Back Squat (85% 1RM)
-3 sets of 8: Push-up (Strict, +30% Bodyweight)

Challenge Participants: Please complete and track results three times during the week, with at least one rest day between completions.

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