WOD – 6/5/2014

6/5/2014 – MetCon Day

Partner Circuit:
1. Each set of partners works at a single station for 4 minutes total
2. Each partner does a different movement (i.e. on Station 1, Partner 1 does Row while Partner 2 does OHS)
3. Each partner has 2 minutes to complete as many reps as possible on their movement, then they switch
4. Each set of partners goes through each station two times.
5. Station Score = total reps completed by both partners on both movements
6. Overall Score = sum of the highest scores per station for each partner set

Station 1
-Row (for calories)
-Overhead Squat

Station 2
-Double Under

Station 3
-Standard Snatch
-2-hand Kettlebell Swing

Station 4

Station 5
-Knees to Elbows


June Challenge WOD – Week 1 (6/2/2014 – 6/7/2014):

-3 sets of 5: Deadlift (55% 1RM)
-3 sets of 5: Back Squat (55% 1RM)
-3 sets of 5: Push-up (Strict, good form)

Challenge Participants: Please complete and track results three times during the week, with at least one rest day between completions.

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