WOD – 7/5/2014

Partner WOD:

10 rounds
-10 Burpee
-10 Dive Bomber
-10 Dip
-5 Pull-up
-10 Toes to Bar
-16 Partner Wall Ball

Note: In a partner WOD, each partner must finish a move before the pair can move on to the next move. If one partner finished before the other, they so Jumping Jacks to fill the time.

E.g. Jill finishes her Burpees but Harry is still working. Jill does jumping jacks until Harry finishes, then they both move on to Dive Bombers.


June Challenge WOD – 1RM Retest Week (6/30/2014 – 7/5/2014):

-Participants will retest their 1 Rep Max on Deadlift and Back Squat this week

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