WOD: The Eclectic Snack Attack

So today during my workout I could not decide how exactly I wanted to hit my major muscle groups. I knew that I wanted to do legs, abdominals, and a little bit of upper body, but I wasn’t sure what exercises I really wanted to focus on this time around. In trying to figure it out, I came up with this workout of the day which blends a lot of my favorite movements at lower reps but mixes and matches different exercises for the same muscle groups. This way, I manage to overload the muscles enough to make good progress, but I don’t get bored halfway through.

WoD: “The eclectic snack attack”

1.5 mile run
30 front squat (40kg)
20 ab roll-out
50 butterfly sit-up
12 Alternating weighted steps (40kg)
10 sumo deadlift high pull (40kg)
20 knee to elbow
15 toes to bar
20 pull-ups

Seem like a lot to keep track of? Well, it kind of this. But as you can see, we hit the legs, the abdominals, and the arms and back all in this workout, but we never do any one exercise long enough to get really bored of it. We spend the most time with the butterfly situps, but once you get into a good rhythm you can bang out 50 of those pretty easily.

Go have fun!