WOD’s for the Week – 11/2 to 11/7

~ Warm-up ~

Plan: 15 min to complete specified work load
-3 min Jump Rope
-10x Sun Salutation
-15x Pull-up
-60 sec Hollow Rock
-Jog 400m
2 rounds
-100x Single Under
-30x Squat
-15x Push-up
-15x Pull-up
-5 min Double Under
-3x Warrior stretch (30 sec per hip)
-100ft Broad Jump
-100ft Inch Worm
-10x Hanging Leg Raise
-10x Good Morning
-10x Knees to Elbows
-10x Good Morning
-10x Toes to Bar
-10x Good Morning
-10x Sit-up
Kettlebell Warm-up (26/18#)
-50x 1-H Swings w/ Switch
-40x Alt. Floor Press
-30x Alt. Clean & Jerk
-20x Goblet Squat
-10x Armbars, 5 per side
25x each (PVC)
-Shoulder Dislocate
-Shoulder Press
-Overhead Squat
-Romanian Deadlift
-Bent Row
-Good Morning

~ Strength ~

Plan: 20 min to complete specified work load (movement based on total attended classes in the week)
2 classes / week 3 classes / week >3 classes/week
10 min EMOM: 3x reps at 80% 1RM
(each lift)

1st Class: Deadlift + Clean

2nd Class: Back Squat + Press

10 min EMOM: 3x reps at 80% 1RM
(each lift)

1st Class: Deadlift + Press2nd Class: Clean + Pull-up

3rd Class: Push-up + Back Squat

20 min EMOM: 3x reps at 70% 1RM

Mon: Deadlift
Tue: Press
Wed: Push-up
Thu: Clean
Fri: Back Squat
Sat: Pull-up

~ Conditioning ~

3 rounds
-6x Deadlift (285/185#)
-6x Muscle-up
-6x KB snatch (53/36#)
-6x Box Jump (30/24″)
Competition Scale:
-Add +2 rounds
For time
-30x Clean & Jerk (135/95#)”Karen”
For time
-150x Wall ball (20#)
Competition Scale:
-“Grace”: Add 20x Double Under every 10 C&J’s
-“Karen”: Add 20x Double Under every 25 Wall Balls
2 rounds
-50x Push-up
-40x Sit-up
-30x Burpee
-20x Strict Pull-up
-Run 400m
Competition Scale:
-Push-up > Hand Release
-Sit-up > Toes to Bar
3 rounds
-10x KB complex [1H Swing + Snatch] (44/26#)
-15x Hang Clean (95/65#)
-20x Double Under
Competition Scale:
-KB Complex @ 53/35#
-Hang Clean (115/75#)
-40x Double Under

7 min AMRAP
-3x Deadlift (285/185#)
-7x Wall Ball (20/14#)

Competition Scale:
-Deadlift (315/205#)

10 rounds
1-2-…-9-10x reps each of
-Thruster (95/65#)
Competition Scale:
-Thruster (115/75#)