WOD’s for the Week – 3/28 to 4/2

~ Strength ~

Plan: For all working sets, begin at 30% 1RM and perform max rounds of 4 reps with weight increasing 10% per round.
2/week 3/week >3/week
Day 1
-8 min: Deadlift
-8 min: Press
Day 2
-8 min: Back Squat
-8 min: Barbell Row
Day 1
-8 min: Deadlift
-8 min: Pull-up
Day 2
-8 min: Press
-8 min: Back Squat
Day 3
-8 min: Barbell Row
-8 min: Push-up
Each day, pick one:
-Back Squat
-Barbell Row

Work for 8 min on assigned lifting

Each day, pick one additional skill to work at low weight for remaining Strength time


~ Conditioning – “Kettle of the Bells” ~

13 min AMRAP
-10x KB Swing (53/35#)
-10x Goblet Squats
-10x Goblet Sit-ups
5 rounds
-5x KB Snatch (53/35#)
-5x 1-hand KB Swings
-5x Push-up w/ Hand Release
15 min Team AMRAP
-Row 200m
-10x Box Jump (24/20″)
-5x KB Bottom’s Up Cleans (35/26#)
For time…
-30x Clean & Jerk (135/95#)

(2 min rest)

For time…
-30x KB Clean & Jerk (53/35#) [per arm]

15 min AMRAP
-Run 400m
-8x Deadlift (70% 1RM)
-8x KB Swing (heavy)
12 min Team AMRAP
-KB Thruster (44/26#)
-Handstand Push-up
-Toes to Bar
-Goblet Squat (53/35#)
-Sled Push (90#)

-Switch moves every 60 seconds
-Perform each move 2x
-Up to 2 athletes can work the same move at the same time