WODs for the Week of 5/9 to 5/14

Weekly Notes:

  • Strength: 20 min to establish a 1-Rep max
  • Partner Tests: Partner A completes movement, Partner B keeps time/counts reps
  • Skill: 5 min skill review each day
Warm-up 30 each (in any order)
Skill Back Squat
Strength Back Squat
MetCon I: 30 air squat for time (partner test; 2 attempts)

II: 15 min AMRAP
-5 pull-up
-10 squat
-15 sit-up

Warm-up 3 rounds
-10 press (pvc)
-20 double under
-run 200m
Skill Press
Strength Strict Press
MetCon I: 300 single under for time (partner test; 1 attempt)

II: 21-15-9 reps for time
-push press (115/75#)
-kettebell swing (72/44#)

Warm-up 4 rounds
-10 deadlift (pvc)
-5 pull-up
-run 200m
Skill Deadlift
Strength Deadlift
MetCon I: Sprint 100m for time (partner test; 2 attempts)

II. 2 min max pull-up

III. Run 2 miles for time

Warm-up 45 sec on, 15 sec off for 3 rounds
Skill Front Rack
Strength Front Squat
MetCon I: 30 sit-up for time (partner test; 2 attempts)

II: 10 min AMRAP
-10 box jump
-10 toes to bar

Warm-up 3 rounds
-10 press
-10 push-up
-30 single under
Skill Dip & Drive
Strength Push Press
MetCon I: 30 burpee for time (partner test; one attempt)

II: 11 min Ladder
-2 strict press (75/45#)
-2 push-up
-10 single under

[add +2 press/push-up per round][add +5 single under per round]

Warm-up 10 each (in any order; with bar)
-hang clean
-hang power clean
Skill Clean / Fast Elbows
Strength Clean
MetCon [20 min will be allocated for the entire MetCon]

I. Two athletes at a time will row 1000m for time. Switch out with another athlete at completion until all have gone.

II. When not rowing, all athletes will complete AMRAP of…
-4 deadlift (70% 1RM)
-8 pull-up