You: The Game! Using Gamification to Upgrade your Life (part 3)

Welcome back to our series You: The Game! where we talk about using gamification to make fitness a little more fun! Did you miss Part 1 or Part 2? Click those links to open a new link and have a look there first.

Okay, in parts 1 & 2 we covered creating Easy Mode and Hard Mode characters. I also gave you a link to the Google Sheets version of the character sheet. Some updates have been made to that sheet, so here’s the link again:

Google Sheets – Shared by Chris Aitken – You: the Game! Character Sheet

That sheet will be View Only. To create a copy for yourself, go to the File menu, click on “Make a Copy…” and then choose where to save it. You can also download the sheet as a Microsoft Excel file but I honestly have no idea if it will work right, so do so at your own risk! ūüôā

Moving on! Today we’re talking about¬†Levels and Quests. Lets do it!

Leveling Up

Any good game has a way to show your progress and this one is no different. In You: The Game! (YtG) we use a Level Stat to show us how much progress we’ve made. Everyone starts at Level 1, and your maximum Level has no cap. You could one day become Level 1,000,000 if you work hard enough!

That being said, how the heck do we gain levels in this game? Simple: you complete Quests! Once you complete a Quest, you gain Level Points (LP). Once you get enough LP, your level goes up. Check out the table below to figure out how many total LP you need to hit a specific Level.

Level Points
1 0
2 14
3 18
4 22
5 27
6 34
7 43
8 53
9 67
10 83

You can go well beyond 10th Level in this game, since the levels are endless. In order to figure out how many LP you need for the next Level, multiply the last level by 1.25 and round down to the nearest whole number. Example: to get to level 11 you would take 83 x 1.25 = 103.75 rounded down to 103.

What do you get for leveling up? Well that’s up to you! For some people, just seeing their progress is enough motivation to keep going. Consider that Quests are all about life accomplishments, so simply earning your Level Points means you’ve done something healthy, fun, life affirming, exciting, or amazing.¬†Other ideas might to take yourself out for dinner at a nice restaurant, spend a couple hours playing video games, or anything else you enjoy that doesn’t negate the purpose of the game.

Creating Quests

Quests are how you get Level Points, and they represent healthy activities that improve your life in some way. There are five types of Quest: daily, weekly, monthly, other, and epic.

Daily (1 LP each; can be completed once per day)

  • Finish a 30+ min Workout
  • Eat within 200 calories of Daily Goal
  • Walk 10,000+ Steps
  • Drink 32+ ounces of water
  • Sleep 6+ hours
  • Read for pleasure 20+ min
  • Have a 15+ min conversation (not work related)

Weekly (3 LP each; can be completed once per week)

  • Have a 15+ min conversation with a new person (not work related)
  • Run a 5k or longer race
  • Complete 2+ hours of continuing education online, in person, etc)
  • Complete 3+ hours of exercise
  • Visit a new location in your current home city (once per location)
  • Set a new personal fitness record

Monthly (7 LP each; can be completed once per month)

  • Visit a new city in your State/Province for more than 1 hour
  • Visit a new State or Province for more than 4 hours
  • Reach your goal body weight

Other (7 LP each; can be completed on a varying schedule)

  • Visit a new country for more than 8 hours (up to 2/month)
  • Finish an Associates Degree or higher (1/year)
  • Compete in a fitness or other personal competition for rank (once every 3 months)

Epic (1 LP each; can be completed infrequently or only once)

  • Live in a new country for one month (1/month)
  • Finish a Doctoral Degree (once every two years)
  • Complete a big item on your Bucket List (1/month)

So where do you find more quests to do? You create them! A quest should require effort, should be good for you in some way (physically, emotionally, or mentally) and should represent the achievement of something important to you. Don’t spam Daily or Weekly quests with silly crap just to “win” the game; give it thought and have fun with it.

And that’s it for today everyone. See you next time!