You: The Game! Using Gamification to Upgrade your Life (part 4)

Welcome back to our series You: The Game! where we talk about using gamification to make fitness a little more fun! If you missed the first three parts, go back and read them:

Also, click on the link to get the latest version of the YtG Character Sheet.

Today, we’re going to expand a little more on our character concept with the idea of “Classes”, or the major role your character plays in the world. Every Class adds a few more Quests you can complete, and helps guide your training to be the kind of athlete you want to be. The Character Classes we’re using are based on the traditional role-playing game style of occupations. Each Class description will include…

  • Name: the name the character class goes by in the game
  • Role: within the athletic world, what this class says about your role or function
  • Skills: what you’re good at, or what you want to be good at, by taking this class
  • Training: what training types are best for this kind of role
  • Quests: specialty quests only this class can complete to level up

You can choose your class either based on what you’re already good at (playing to your strengths), or based on what you want to be good at (filling in your weaknesses). The best class choice represents what you want out of your training, not just what you think you should be or what someone else thinks you should be.

Here are four base classes you can choose from. Next week, four more!


Role: You pick things up and put them down. You are a strongman/woman who likes to lift heavy weight and become as strong as possible. If you can’t pick it up, throw it, carry it, or move it in some way, you’ll be able to soon!

Skills: Olympic lifting, Strongman/Highland Games events

Training: low-rep, heavy-weight lifting; moving odd objects short distances at high weight; sprints


  • Lift 250% your own body weight or heavier in one rep (Daily)
  • Move a stone 100%+ your body weight at least 10ft (Daily)


Role: Virtuosity in bodyweight movements is your calling. You want to hone your body to be the best gymnastic machine possible.

Skills: All gymnastic movements; Mobility

Training: Light weight workouts, sprints, anything on the rings, heavy on jumping and agility


  • Complete your age in muscle-ups in one day (Daily)
  • Compete in a martial arts tournament (Monthly)


Role: You love to be outside, probably with animals but at the very least in nature. Mobility and agility over rough terrain is your thing.

Skills: Agility, Endurance, Light Weights moved Long Distances

Training: Rucking, endurance running, light-weight/high-rep lifting, carrying/pushing up to your own bodyweight


  • Complete a 5 mile trail run (Daily)
  • Complete a 24 hour ruck race (Monthly)


Role: You live to push your tenacity and verve to new levels. If it isn’t risky, you’re not interested. The adrenaline high to what you crave.

Skills: Agility training, cycling, competitive driving, Parkour

Training: Parkour/free-running, light-weight trail running, Motocross


  • Complete a 5k or longer obstacle course race (Monthly)
  • Go skydiving (Monthly)